Affordable Housing in Ogun State

affordable housingProvision of Affordable Housing and Urban Renewal, which is one of the five cardinal objectives of the Senator Ibikunle Amosun led administration, has not only increased the socio-economy development of Ogun state but also successfully launched the provision of affordable housing units to the masses.

The state’s Commissioner for Housing, Mr. Daniel Adejobi revealed this at the briefing session by his Ministry as part of the ongoing Geo Strategic Study tour of the State by participants of the National Defence College, Course 23.

Adejobi said that the success recorded by the Ministry in the area of provision of affordable housing could be traced to the dedication and competence of professionals in the area of total re-construction and rehabilitation of dilapidated public structures throughout the state.

He described urban renewal as” the process if bringing new jobs, industries and homes to the poor areas of large towns”

The commissioner reiterated that housing sector took a larger portion of the year 2014 budget and government has commenced construction of quality and affordable housing through the State Housing Corporation and Ogun State Property and Investment Corporation (OPIC).

According to him, “The State Government has engaged Urbanisma Consulting Group from Malaysia,for the designing of the Abeokuta City Center and the New Government City. It has also awarded the development of 170 hectares site along Kobape road, Abeokuta to ZHONGXIANG Construction Company,China and work has reached an appreciable level”

“The construction of a New Government City Centre that would consist of a Government House, Deputy Governors lodge, Commissioners Quarters, Speaker and Legislature Quarters as well as the construction of an International Convention Centre in Abeokuta are part of our goal for 2015,” Adejobi stated.

He pointed out,that the state has an excellent landmark and a serene environment for estate development and business investment, “and through the Urban Renewal programme, government was providing the enabling environment for business to thrive “.

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2 thoughts on “Affordable Housing in Ogun State

  1. Lumi Specs

    The ideas are very good and will be beneficial to the citizens of Ogun State, but the truth is that before we can say we now have affordable houses in Ogun State, we need to consider the level of the people that are actually residing within the state. This is a state that has more than 80 percent of the work force that are civil servants. How then do we expect them to afford the so called house built by OPIC (25m) and Housing Corporation (4-6m) without being corrupt.
    A secondary school teacher was embarrassed on a day she went to this houses to check and make enquiries. They asked her where she is working, she said and I quote “am a secondary school teacher” the reply by the man she met was “the house is not meant for people like her”. She felt very bad. But unknowing for the man, the woman could actually afford the 25m house at the OPIC Orange valley estate, because the husband who is a private sector man that owns his own business in Abuja wanted to buy because he hails from the state. Its very bad!
    Another issue is with 50m cash I can own an estate of at least 10 nos 3 Bedroom flats directly opposite the estate. So why will I invest 50m on a Twin Duplex 25m each with just a space to park 2 cars, without adequate compound when I can get 3 acres of land and still have 10 flats with adequate car parks and space to play with.
    There was a time when the government built some houses that has a room, living room, kitchen and toilet. the houses were sold for less than 1m with ample space to increase the house to a 3/4 Bedroom. That is called affordable, not 25m or 4-5m outright payment.
    Bottom it is a good development for a striving Private sector state like Lagos, Rivers and Abuja, but not a typical Civil Service state like Ogun State.

    Thank You.
    Concerned citizen.

    1. webmaster Post author

      Good day Mr Lumi Specs,

      We are grateful for your comment and insight.

      You have spoken well indeed.

      If the government can look into providing housing for the massed (low income and middle income earners) things will be far better.

      Also, if the process of acquiring land can be addressed based on the length of time and expenses more people will be able to afford housing.


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