A way graduates can Network and survive unemployment in Nigeria

Prime Exchange LimitedIn a country like Nigeria where the rate of unemployment is increasing at an alarming pace due to the unavailability of jobs leaving graduates to fend for themselves and start low income businesses despite the degree they finish with.

Unfortunately, not all individuals have the talent to start their own businesses and are left jobless, struggling to make earns meet and applying for all kinds of jobs they would not have applied to if the condition was better.

With this in view, we will like to introduce unemployed graduates as well as working class individuals, who want to make extra money, to direct selling through Real Estate Network Marketing.

What is Direct Selling? (http://avoncompany.com/)

Direct selling is a type of sales channel where products are marketed directly to customers, eliminating the need for middlemen – wholesalers, advertisers and retailers.

Benefits of Direct Selling (http://avoncompany.com/)

  1. Those who engage in direct selling are independent contractors who determine how much time and energy they want to invest in their business.
  2. They set their own hours, and define and control their work-family life balance.
  3. An Independent Sales Representative is his/her own boss.
  4. It is a way to own a business with a minimal capital investment.

There are different companies that offer direct selling opportunities to their independent agents.

The question is which of them is reliable?

The way you can know of genuine ones is when you discuss with a practicing Network Agent who has actually benefited and is still benefiting from direct selling through an organisation.

Accordingly, we will like to introduce you to Prime Exchange Limited and the benefits the company offers.

Prime Exchange Limited is a computerized direct selling business suite designed and deployed for existing and potential Real Estate Professionals to explore the opportunity to learn and earn from the Real Estate Industry.

Benefits and opportunities to earn in Prime Exchange Network

Free Training on Network Marketing

Certificate of successful completion of training

2 packs of Complementary cards

Customized flyers

I.D Card

Financial Rewards

Prime Exchange compensation plan offers multiple earning opportunities. Below is a highlight of the various ways to earn from the Prime Exchange Network Marketing

  1. Product Sales Commission: This is a percentage payable upon direct/effective sale of a product. The percentage commission depends on the base product concerned. E.g. you can earn 10% product sale commission from RoseBerry Estate, a Real Estate Acquisition Plan product category.
  2. Downline Earning Brokage: This is a percentage earnable on the earnings of every person on your business network downline. E.g. you earn 10% of the total amount earned by your direct down-line. Also if your direct down-line has a down-line, whatever earnings he gets, your direct down-line gets 10% and you get 10% of what your direct down-line get. So the more active down-lines you have, the more earnings you get.
  3. Personal Achievement Reward: The direct sales effort of individuals measured as quantity of products sold will qualify them for Personal Achievement Reward. Such personal efforts and achievements on the Prime Exchange Network is ranked or categorized as STAR

Recognition is therefore given from a Star 1 status to a Star 5 status. This reward is analysed below:

PRODUCTS 5 25 125 625 3125
REWARD N25,000 N100,000 N250,000 N500,000 N1,500,000
  1. Network Achievement Reward: This status of individuals and quality of achievers in a network define the ranking of such network. When a network agent has at least 5 individuals within a star status as direct-line such network agent bears the status. E.g. when a network agent has 5 Star 1 achievers as direct down-lines the network agent will earn the Star 1 status as well. The Network Achievement Reward is payable to the leader of the network. This reward is analysed below:


REWARD N25,000 N100,000 N250,000 N500,000 N1,500,000
  1. Professional Training Voucher: This rewards achievers with redeemable training grant to part finance selected skill-set based advancement courses as part of their commitments to offering learning opportunities to professionals on the Prime Exchange Network. Below is the table of status and the associated training grants:


GRANT NIL N25,000 N50,000 N75,000 N100,000
  1. Lifestyle Incentives
  • Event Invitation
  • Travel
  • Car Acquisition
  • House Ownership

The major product and services the company ventures in is Real Estate, hence this article centres on Wealth Creation in Real Estate.

Products and Services of Prime Exchange Limited

  1. Real Estate Acquisition Plan (REAP): This is a property investment product and it represents several estate projects of carefully selected and reliable estate developers with past and existing projects of affordable and convenient payment options.
  2. Prime Information Network (PIN): This is a platform for Information Broadcast Service that provides and delivers important information about Nigerian properties to all individuals with business orientation in the Real Estate Industry.
  3. Property Leverage Annuity Networking (PLAN): This is a property ownership option that offers period-specific graduated royalties on annuity basis with instant home ownership grants to individuals who have attained qualifying milestones
  4. Professional Education & Training (PET): This is a specially packaged training series designed for knowledge acquisition and career advancement by Real Estate Professionals.


How does it work?

EarnPrime Exchange offers carefully developed range of exclusive and reliable products in partnership with reputable and carefully selected service providers as direct selling business opportunities by Network Agents who are rewarded using a unique, proven and sustainable compensation plan. According to the plan, Network Agents have the opportunity to earn financial rewards and lifestyle incentives for customer referral and promotion of the company’s products.

Essential to the Prime Exchange Business is Professional Marketing Practices. Professionalism is considered the most important aspect of the business conducts, dealings and in the general behaviour of Network Agents. Prime Exchange strives to be a beacon of transparency and legitimate operations no matter where it does business, because Multi-level Marketing is an industry that has at times been wrongly described as unsustainable marketing schemes. Prime Exchange therefore enjoins all its Network Agents to adopt a consistent and professional attitude at all times.

For more information on Prime Exchange Network or if you want to join the Network, make a comment and you will be contacted.

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