Real Estate Gadgets and Devices on the go

You will agree with me that Real Estate is a tasking practice that involves a lot of movement and time.

Have you ever thought of how you could make things easier for yourself, as a Real Estate Agent, especially in terms of travel time, documentation and transfer of information in respect  to your Real Estate Practice?

Do you know there are gadgets / devices which are available that will enhance and make your Real Estate Practice more convenient and fulfilling?

Let us take a look at them one by one:

Smartphone, IOS or Android phone

Smart Phone

With any of the above devices and the right applications installed on them you can make things easy for yourself in such a way that you have your office in your pocket. Since Real Estate requires a lot of moving around, any of such devices will enable you access office files stored in google drive, dropbox or any other online file storage. Therefore if a client or colleague needs a soft copy document in your possession, you can simply share the document with the person.

Also since Real Estate involves locational sketches as well as pictures of landed properties, these gadgets / devices will come in handy. You can simply take pictures as well as locational sketches on the go and send them directly to clients or upload them on websites.

Since Real Estate involves finding location of properties, Google map application which can be downloaded on these gadgets / devices will be of great use such that you can key in the location you are looking for and it will display it on the map and even give you directions on how to get to the location. Though, there are times you will need to ask people because new structures or roads may have been constructed which will confuse you when compared to the directions on the map. Also not all locations have been uploaded on google map, so it will be safe and wise to ask if not sure.

Lastly, with such gadgets / devices you can network, join Real Estate groups and promote your properties and services on the go.



For more advanced works which require the use of a laptop but due to the errands of Real Estate you cannot carry a laptop about because of its size, it will be advisable to get a tablet.

A table is as good as a laptop but portable and handy. Some applications on a laptop which cannot be installed on phones could be used on tablets. Also a tablet can do everything a phone can do depending on the type. So with a tablet you can have a laptop and a phone in one device.

Digital Measuring Device

Digital Measuring device

Compared to the traditional measuring tape, a Digital Measuring Device is a great tool to use because you just simply push a button and the device measures the distance with a laser pointer. It is unique such that you do not need someone else to assist you when measuring and carrying out a Valuation Exercise.

With this gadget / device you can conveniently measure places which are tight and it will also save a lot of time compared to the traditional method of measuring.

Wifi LaserJet Printer

Wifi LaserJet Printer

With modern technology, printers have evolved from just black and white prints to coloured prints. Also with an HP Wifi Printer you can print on the go, as long as the printer is on.

With this printer there will be no need for you to connect your computer to it with cables, which could make your office untidy. You simply just send the document via email as long as the printer is connected to a wifi and it prints automatically.

Also if you are not in the office and need to print a document you can as well send to the printer via email.

We are sure this article has enlightened you on gadgets / devices you can use to enhance your Real Estate Practice.

So what are you waiting for?

Work Smart and make things easier, more convenient and faster while on the go.

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