Affordable Housing Construction in Nigeria

There are many countries in the world that have resorted to the construction of Affordable Housing to cater for the large population of low income earners. As a result, alternative building materials and methods have been adopted to effectively and efficiently accomplish such projects.

What do you think about Affordable Housing in Nigeria?

It is known that the major challenges facing Affordable Housing in Nigeria are due to the following reasons:

  1. Cumbersome and High cost of land authentication processes.
  2. High cost of land owing to the high cost of land authentication processes.
  3. High cost of building materials.
  4. High cost of transportation of building materials to construction site.
  5. Lengthy duration in the construction of houses.
  6. Shortage of adequate mortgage facilities.
  7. High interest rates on loans for construction of housing.

If some, if not all, of these alternative building materials and methods for affordable housing can be adopted, it can aid in solving most of the housing challenges we face Nigeria.

Accordingly, there are a few alternative building materials and methods we will address.

  1. Interlocking Bricks:

    Lego HouseThese are like joining pieces of a Lego Bricks together. Each brick has a projection and depression on opposite side so that they fit into each other when assembled. They also have holes to reduce the weight of the bricks and for added stability by inserting steel rods for reinforcement. Lastly, the length of the bricks are twice the width for accurate alignment.

Interlocking brick house for affordable housing

Benefits of Interlocking Bricks in home construction

  • Materials for the production of Interlocking Bricks are locally available and can be produced on the site, thereby eliminating transportation cost.
  • They save considerable amount of time when compared to conventional methods of construction.
  • They reduce cost of construction because high volume of mortar (cement) is not needed compared to conventional methods of construction where mortar (cement) is used for fasten joints of blocks
  • Due to the simplicity in laying of the bricks, the number of highly skilled masons is reduced.
  1. Modular Construction:

    container modular house for affordable housing

    These are off-site prefabricated buildings that consist of multiple sections called modules .They are constructed in facilities and transported to site for assembling. They are made of Lumber or Fibre-Cement Sandwich Panels.


Modular house for affordable housing

Benefits of Modular Home Construction

  • It is economical based on the cost of material and labour
  • It is fast to assemble since it involves putting the different sections together. Also it will aid in quicker return of income.
  • They are durable and require low maintenance, if any.
  • They can easily be modified.
  • The can be erected on light foundations due to their weight.
  1. Bamboo:

    bamboo construction for affordable housingThese are giant, fast growing grasses that have woody stems. They are grow in tropical regions and are known to be as strong as steel based on tension.

bamboo house for affordable housing

Benefits of Bamboo in home construction

  • They are cheap due to availability and are not produced like other building materials
  • They are light and can be used in constructing houses on light foundations
  • Construction of a bamboo house can take days to complete

With all said, these are alternative building materials which can be used to construct affordable housing in Nigeria based on their cost effectiveness of about 30-50% of conventional materials and methods, time saving such that it takes days to complete construction and simplicity in nature because they do not require high numbers of highly skilled masons.

8 thoughts on “Affordable Housing Construction in Nigeria

  1. Kayode saeed

    The current challengies facing the populace in terms of affordable housing as discussed in your context is seen to be constructive.

    However, the alternative construction materials been the new trend to break the barriers of high cost of building construction is good but has some demerit in the area of effect from natural disasters(wind, flood, earthquake e.t.c.

    Above all, we need to start embracing the new ideas to march up global trends.


    1. webmaster Post author

      Good day Kayode Saeed,

      Thank you for your comment. It is highly appreciated.

      Actually, these alternative constructions have proven to withstand natural disasters. E.g the bamboo. Kindly read this part of an article below

      “And finally, it’s far less dangerous while building, plus it is far less dangerous in the case of a storm or earthquake destroying a building so badly that its building materials wind up falling on its inhabitants. But that is a rare situation with bamboo. Excitement about building with bamboo amplified when a 6.2 earthquake hit central Colombia in January 1999, and 70% of the recently-built concrete and brick buildings failed, while virtually all of the older village buildings, of bamboo, stood strong and un-damaged.” Read Full Article

      Also, in this part of the world we do not experience such natural disasters so they will be suitable for our climate.


  2. COKER Ridwan Olumuyiwa

    These are laudable alternatives. i wonder if you can provide links to producers and assemblers of the interlocking bricks. Definitely, the bamboo to be used in home construction has to be given special treatment, and special techniques have to be employed. Are you in the possession of information on the above? if you are, I will appreciate being made aware. Many thanks for the insight.

    1. webmaster Post author

      Good day Coker Ridwan Olumuyiwa,

      We appreciate your comment and we are at your service.

      There is a company that deals in affordable housing with the following contacts below

      Growth and Employment in States (GEMS)

      Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance regarding real estate matters.

      Thank you

  3. Abi

    How much does it cost to build a 3-bedroom duplex with two toilets and bathrooms using interlocking bricks? Also, I would like to know the same cost for a single 3 bedroom bungalow. Thanks

    1. webmaster Post author

      Good day Abi,

      Thank you for your comment.

      The cost of conventional methods of a 3 bedroom bungalow ranges between N5m-N6m and could be higher, depending on the type of finishes.

      Using dry construction just like interlocking bricks could save about 25-30% of construction cost (i.e. if a bungalow costs N5m to construct using conventional methods, then it should cost N3.5m using interlocking bricks).

      For further information, click here, while the contact of the company that produces interlocking bricks is below

      Growth and Employment in States (GEMS)

      We hope this has been helpful.


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