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Prime Asset Housing Cooperative Multi-purpose SocietyHave you heard of Prime Asset Housing Co-operative Multi-purpose Society Limited before?

If not, then you should know that, "Good people work hard, Great people work smart but Geniuses NETWORK! Here is a life time opportunity to CO-OPERATE with like minds in achieving anything, everything and securing the greater good of all."

This is the singular secret of the Asian Tigers.

Congratulations! we are so glad this material found its way into your hands.

Did we hear you ask how do we mean?

Well, maybe we should wait till you finish reading this. Or could it be that we are so confident you can recognise a diamond when you are presented with a rough stone?

We guess that’s it.

What you are about to discover is the un-put-down-able ancient secret of achievement that has remained largely untapped in our age and time!

Every big thing is a combination of a lot of small bits and pieces. A movie is made up of acts; acts of scenes; scenes of roles; roles of characters, etc.

Now, here is the main gist. This information is for you if:

  • You want to be a landlord in at least 2years’ time.
  • You are interested in real estate investments.
  • You want to cultivate a savings culture.
  • You are interested in leaving a legacy.
  • You need where you can borrow for the growth of your small business at a very friendly rate.
  • You are interested in learning how to make, keep and grow lasting wealth.
  • You want to position yourself where you can always be informed of what is new in business management and wealth creation.
  • You need a place where you can meet with people of like minds.
  • You are interested in contributing to NHF and thereafter stand the chance to benefit from the Scheme’s single digit rate mortgage when the opportunity presents itself but you don’t know how to go about it.
  • You need highly competitively priced landed properties that members can pay for in instalments.
  • You need rock-bottom-interest-rate mortgage facilities and other competitive commercially priced funding for your building project.
  • You need real estate professional services at below the regular rates and even free in some cases.
  • You need building materials at very competitive prices and good quality where and when possible.
  • You want the headache of handling your approvals, title, other documentations, designs and constructions off your neck.
  • You want to live in a well-planned and professionally managed estate to ensure your property continually appreciates in value without putting a hole in your pocket.

… and the list goes on.

We boldly introduce to you the vehicle carrying all these possibilities:


Here is a body that has the capacity to bring greatness out of you, berthed on the simple but powerful co-operative concept. People from my part of the country have a proverb that says: A tree does not make a forest. Ever heard the story of the broom stick versus the broom bunch? If given a portion to sweep, while it may take forever employing the services of a broom stick, you will be through in a jiffy if the broom bunch is applied.

It is noteworthy therefore that the difference here is just in numbers and nothing more. The bunch is only made up of similar sticks and together, a common purpose is achieved. That is what this initiative represents and we think you are blessed to be reading about it now.

The world as we have come to know it derives meaning from the interrelated chain of events, associations and collaborations, the act of doing things together with people of like minds to give more meaning to life.

We have conducted series of research work on the effectiveness of co-operative societies and how they can be used for the common good of members. We are over with theoretical and impracticable researches; here is the outcome of four years of research and thousands of personal and company funds on a platter of gold. What you now do with it is subject to your decision, but if you may allow me, we will advise you to read this up and take an immediate action for or against it. We however hope your action will be in the affirmative.


Prime Asset Housing Co-operative Multi-purpose Society Limited Project is an initiative of REALTY POINT LIMTED owners of It is a private venture initiative to assist individuals in owning a home.

It is registered with the appropriate Government supervisory body and runs independent of the promoters – REALTY POINT LIMITED with full complement of duly elected executives. Therefore, Realty Point Limited is not the owner of this Co-operative Society.


To help members become Landlords by:

  1. Providing property purchase and construction opportunities for self use.
  2. Providing a 10 – 25year micro-mortgage scheme for members.
  3. Providing real estate and other investment opportunities for collective gain.
  4. Providing investment (real estate inclusive), entrepreneurial and other life enhancing training to members at our monthly meetings.
  5. Always providing well-researched and negotiated clusters of landed properties which members can buy; and also assisting in developing into mini-estates while providing other services as may be required, e.g. access to mortgage facilities below the market rate building materials, etc.
  6. Providing opportunities for members to borrow for growth in their business operations through our well-structured and professionally managed thrift in association with participating Micro-Finance Banks. 20% of our fund at any time is made available for our thrift operation.
  7. Investing our collective monthly contributions regularly and distributing 30% of surplus (gain or profit) annually as dividend on a prorated basis.


As we have started in Lagos we are poised to acquire large expanse of land to be developed into well organized residential estates all over the federation starting with Lagos for members first and interested non-members at a premium. The estates shall be managed by property managers appointed by the co-operative society. Also, we have interesting financing options for members to enable them pay for homes of their choice, leveraging on our relationship with financial institutions.

In summary, we are a house-ownership actualization and investment society using the power of co-operative and thrift.


We are positioned to serve you if:

  1. You are interested in any of our objectives, over riding or long term.
  2. You have a regular job or vocation.
  3. You are above 18years of age.
  4. You like to own a house any where we operate or have investment.
  5. You need to have where you can borrow money to run your small growing business.
  6. You are interested in gathering knowledge on investment and your general financial well-being.
  7. You have a well-titled landed property but in need of financing.
  8. You can make out time to attend our regular meetings. Members can be exempted if they reside outside our base of operation due to the call of duty.

Nothing does it like a collective effort

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