How to use facebook as a Real Estate Agent

Facebook as a Social Media Platform has become a norm for marketing all sorts of products and services with astonishing results when done effectively.

Real Estate is not excluded from the benefits social media offers to the extent that real estate companies generate more leads compared to contemporary means of marketing.

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Accordingly, there are various social media platforms which can be used to promote Real Estate products and services and this article is going focus on how to effectively use facebook as a Real Estate Agent.

There are basic steps to effectively use facebook in your real estate business and we assume that you already have an account.

As we go along the tips on how to use Facebook as a Real Estate Agent, you are free to ask questions in our forum which will be addressed accordingly.

We will start by showing you how to create a facebook page. If you already have a page, you can skip this section to how to use facebook effectively as a real estate agent

How to create a Facebook Page for your Real Estate Business

Create a facebook page for your real estate business: In order to do this, your business should have a name which you will use to title the page.

Steps to create a facebook page

  • Login to facebook
  • Facebook LoginClick on the drop-down icon beside home at the top bar


  • Create Facebook PageClick on create page


  • Select Local Business or Place

Local business facebook

  • Real Estate BusinessChoose Real Estate from the dropdown menu. Fill in other details and follow the on screen instructions
  • When the page has finally been created click on settings at the top bar, below the main bar that displays your username, which should take you to the general settings section. You do not need to change anything in this section because the default settings are okay, unless you want particular settings for your page.

facebook settings


  • facebook page infoWhen you are done with the general settings section, click on Page Info. In this section a notification will be displayed that you should navigate to the about page by clicking on Visit About Tab
  • In the Page Info Section, fill in everything about your company, such as Name, Address, Description of the company etc.

Facebook About page

When you are done with the above step, your page will be completed and made public.

Congratulations on your successful completion of your facebook page.

We will then continue by showing you how to effectively use your facebook page to promote your real estate business.

View steps on how to promote your real estate business through your facebook page

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