Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Register on Find Nigeria Property?

Registration on the site is absolutely free.

There are 2 registrations to accommodate Property seekers and Real Estate Practitioners.

Property seekers are only required to register if they want to use the Saved Search, Bookmark function or create a new topic in the Forum. For more details of Saved Search, Bookmark and Forum, scroll down to the sections they are explained.

Kindly follow the steps below to successfully register on the website.

Please Note: If using a mobile device, kindly use 3g mode or higher due to slow internet connectivity and speed.

⇒ If you are using a desktop, laptop or tab, click on the "Free Sign Up" link, as shown in the screenshot below.

⇒ If you are using a mobile device, click on the menu icon, as shown in the screenshot below scroll down and click on the "Free Sign Up" link

Mobile Menu View

Mobile Free Sign Up

⇒ Fill in your account info and click on next at the bottom, as shown in the screenshot below.

Account Info

⇒ Click on the Contact info, fill in your details and click on next, as shown in the screenshot below.

Contact Info

⇒ Click on Terms & Conditions, go through and select the check box before "I agree". Then proceed by clicking next

Terms & Conditions

⇒ Click on Package, choose which package you want and click on the human icon with a plus. Immediately after that an email with a link would be sent to you to activate your account. As soon as you are done activating your account, you would be able to login to the website.


If you require more information about any package, simply click on the button labelled details with a plus sign

What is the difference between Free and Paid Membership for Real Estate Practitioners?

Real Estate Practitioners are free to upload properties on the website, which will be displayed for property seekers to view and contact them accordingly, create a new topic on the forum, details of the agent displayed on the agent page, receive property requests via email and properties promoted through social media platforms linked to the website.

Differences between Memberships:

  1. Free Agent Lifetime Membership: 10 properties upload. Subscription continues for free as long as the agent is active. Renewal of subscription continues every 120days. A notification will be sent and the agent only needs to renew for free to ensure the agent is active on the site but if the agent does not renew, the account becomes dormant.

    Price - Free for life

  2. Bronze: 20 properties upload; 1 hot property slot; 3 featured property slots; and a Dedicated Facebook App to display properties of the agent on Facebook for 31days. The agent can renew, upgrade to Silver or Gold Packages. If the agent does not renew, the account will automatically be downgraded to Free Agent Membership. 

    Price - N5,000

  3. Silver: 35 properties upload; 3 hot property slot; 10 featured property slots; and a Dedicated Facebook App to display properties of the agent on Facebook for 183days. The agent can renew or upgrade to Gold Package. If the agent does not renew, the account will automatically be downgraded to Free Agent Membership.

    Price - N25,000

  4. Gold: 50 properties upload; 5 hot property slots; 20 featured property slot; and a Dedicated Facebook App to display properties of the agent on Facebook for 365days. The agent can only renew or downgrade. If the agent does not renew, the account will automatically be downgraded to Free Agent Membership.

    Price - N45,000

Also paid members will receive property requests via email and sms.



How can I search for property on Find Nigeria Property?

There are 5 features available on the site to make property search easier and faster:

⇒ Advanced Search Engine:

Search Engine

By using the advanced search engine you can select from the various options ranging from the State, Locality, Type, Category, Bedrooms, Price and click on the search button. This would direct you to a page displaying the result.

⇒ Listings:


This is a feature which can be used to search according to New Listings and States. 

⇒  Google Map with Property Category icon  display:

 Google Map with Property Category icon  display

This is a unique search tool that displays all the properties on the website on google map, whether For Sale, To Let, Short Let or Vacational Rental, within their locations. With this tool you can easily locate the property on google map and see the direction to get to the property.

⇒ Top Search:

Top Property Search

The top search is used to search from the property result page and other pages on the website, if you need more options.

It is located at the top of a result page and when the “search tab” is clicked, it expands to display search parameters and when clicked again, it contracts. It is similar to the advanced search engine.

Top Property Search

It also has a unique tool called the “Text Search”. This is used to search for any word that can be in the search result. It also helps to search for a particular keyword you expect to be in the result, e.g. vacant, c of o, furnished etc. or even street names.

⇒ Property Sort Options:

Property Sort Option

This is located above the search results and it is used to categorise the search result based on the rank, Price, bedrooms and number of pictures. By clicking on any of these options it displays the result accordingly.

How do I search for Property with Google Map?

This search feature has been fashioned for those who base their search according to locations. In order to use it, you simply zoom to the location of interest to see the properties within the vicinity.

Google Map Property Search

When you sight the property of interest, click on the icon with your mouse pointer or your finger, if using a touch screen, wait a few seconds and a popup window will open displaying brief information about the property. Also if the property has more than one picture, you can click on the picture and it changes to the next one.

Google Map To Let and For sale Icons

There is a link on the popup which says “View in current list”, by clicking on the link it automatically takes you to where the property is displayed on the website. After it has taken you to the property, click on the property and it directs you to the page that displays all the information about the property. You can as well just click on the details link to instantly direct you to the page that has the full details of the property.

What can I do on the Property display page?

The property display page shows the full details of a property as well as the contact details of the marketing agent.

Property Details Page

By clicking on the Google Map tab on the gallery, it displays where the property is located on the map.

Property Show Google Map

Also if you click on the Street view tab, it displays the map from the street view, unfortunately, this function is not fully un use in Nigeria because there are hardly cameras on the streets.

Google Map Street view

Below the Property Gallery is the Full description of the property as well as specific additional information. In order to reveal the information with the additional information section, simply click on each tab.

Property Description

How do I contact an agent?

In order to contact an agent of a property of interest, simply click on the property and it would direct you to the page that shows the full details of the property as well as a brief information about the marketing agent. For full details about the agent, simply click on the “More Details” link under the email of the agent.

Agent Info

You can also contact the agent by sending a direct email from the website by simply clicking on the phone icon, fill in your details and send. Lastly, you can contact the agent, instantly, via phone number of email displayed in the brief info.

How do I share a Property?

There are various ways to share a property. You can either share the property to your friend, instantly, by clicking on the envelope sign and sending an email or sharing it through the social media services available such as FacebookTwitterPinterest and Google plus.

Property Share Links

If you would like to print the property details, pictures and agent info, simply click on the PDF link and it would generate a PDF format of the property page, as shown below.

PDF of Property Details Page

What is QR Code?

QR Code stands for Quick Response Code. It gives you the opportunity to scan the code with a QR Reader App installed on your mobile device.

Property QR Code

When you scan it, the link of the property is transferred to you mobile device, which you can open with your browser.

How to scan the QR Code with a mobile device

If you have a BlackBerry phone, simply open your BlackBerry Messenger, click on the BlackBerry Icon to open the menu, click on Invite to BBM, click on Scan a PIN barcode, start the scan and then pull your phone backwards till the code is the same size of the square border on your phone. You would receive a notification to open the link, accept it and it would open in your browser.

If you have another device, simply navigate to the barcode app, scan and open in your browser.

How do I upload properties on Find Nigeria Property?

As a Real Estate Practitioner, in order to upload properties on the website, you would need to login which would direct you to your sign up details page. There are two (2) ways to add properties, either under the Manage Listing menu or under the User Menu labelled with your username. Click on Add Listing which would direct you to the add property page, kindly follow the simple steps below.




View from a computer or tab
















View from a mobile device

1)        Basic Details tab:

Basic Details


·           This section starts with the Property Title. In order to fill this, it is recommended you use simple and precise descriptive words such as “3 bedroom flat at Ikeja”.

·           The next level is the Listing Type, Property Type and Price with currency. Select and fill in the appropriate details.

·           The next level is the details section where you fill in the date you uploaded the property(Publish Date), lot area(land area), number of bedroom and bathrooms as well as the full property description where you add all the relevant information about the property so that the property seeker can know everything required in letting or buying the property

·           Below the property description level is the meta description and meta keywords which are generated from the property details you entered for Search Engine Optimization (It is recommended that you don’t make changes in this Level)

Meta Description

2)        Address Map tab:

Address Map

·           This section is where the property location and address is added. As the State, Locality and street are entered it would be automatically generated in the google map section, at the bottom. If the google map cannot retrieve the address, you will receive the following response: “Geocode was not successful for the following reason: ZERO_RESULTS.” In this case simply move the red marker on the google map by dragging it to the actual location.

3)        Image Gallery tab:

Image Gallery

·           This section is where the images of the property are uploaded. There are 2 options to upload the pictures:

                                                                    I.            Pro Uploader: This feature helps to upload multiple pictures at once and when you have selected your pictures from your computer, click on Start Upload and your pictures would all be uploaded. You also have the option to add picture titles and descriptions. This does not work with mobile devices but the Simple Uploader

                                                                  II.            Simple Uploader: This feature only uploads pictures, one at a time. This works with mobile devices and computers.

4)        Features tab:

Property Features

·           This section is for selecting the kind of features the property has. If it has none of the features, you can go to the next section without selecting any.

5)        Appliances tab:

 Property Appliances

·           This section is mostly for furnished apartments. If the apartment is furnished, you can select the kind of appliances in it.

6)        Neighbourhood tab:

Property Neighbourhood

·           This section is where you select the attractions within the same vicinity of the property, e.g. police stations, hospitals, cinemas, schools etc.

7)        Video tab:

Property Video

·           This section gives you the opportunity to add videos of the property. This can help reduce the time and energy spent on inspections. You can upload videos locally, from your computer/mobile device or copy and paste the video url from Youtube. If you upload your video locally, you can also share it on Youtube by clicking on either You Tube or Vzaar the share buttons in the Video Sharing Service section

8)        Attachments tab:

Property Attachment Documents

·           This section is where you upload title documents and other relevant documents in respect of the property.

9)        Finalise tab:


·           After all the details have been entered to your satisfaction, you can click on the finalize tab in order for your property to be saved and published on the site for property seekers to view and contact you accordingly.

As soon as you click on the finalize tab it would display a message "The Property is successfully finalized" with links stating "Click here to add another property" and "Click here to view this property"

Successful Uploaded Property

How to Edit Property Listing

The various functions available to edit your property listing as show below.

Duplicate: This function helps you duplicate, so in case you have a similar property you can easily add it without have to fill in details

Duplicate Property

Delete All: This is a function that deletes the property permanently

Delete All Property

Delete: This is a function that delete the property temporarily. This means you can restore the property in future

Delete Property

Edit: This is a function that enables you to edit a property which you have uploaded in case you want to add or remove particular info.

Edit Property

Confirm/Unconfirm: This is a function that enables you to confirm or unconfirm a property, in case you have uploaded it and want to confirm something about the property but don't want people to see it among the property listing you can unconfirm it pending when you make clarifications

Confirm/Unconfirm Property

Mass Action: This enables you to carry out mass functions such that you can select multiple properties and select what you want to do to them at the same time.

What is Saved Search?

Saved Search is a feature that enables users to save their search result/criteria and receive notifications, via email, if a new property within the same search criteria becomes available on the site. They can also send their saved search to a friend.

How to save a search?

To save a search, enter the criteria in the search engine and click on the search button. It would direct you to the result page where you would see a save icon on the sort option bar, close to the RSS icon, click on it and a shadow window will appear, displaying “New Search Name”. Type in your search title and save.

Title Save Search

Please Note: You would need be logged in and at least a free member to be able to use this feature.

What is bookmark?

Bookmark is a feature whereby a user can bookmark a property when viewing the full details page. In order to do this simply click on the star icon under the agent details and it would be saved.


Please Note: You would need be logged in and at least a free member to be able to use this feature.

How can I edit my profile, Change my password and logout?

In order to edit your profile or change your password you would need to be logged in, then you click on the tab that displays your name. 


As soon as you click on the tab, a drop down menu will display, showing a links to your "Profile", "Your Sign Up Details" and the "log out" button. Click on any, depending on what you want to do.

What is Currency Converter?

 Currency Converter is a function that enables you to easily convert the currency on all the property listing at once, between Naira, Dollar and Pounds by simply selecting any of them in the menu.

Currency Converter

        Open Currency Converter

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