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Tutorial 1:

Advantages of online Real Estate marketing

1) It is cheaper using the internet and it's resources as a means of marketing your products and services.

2) Your products and services are exposed to the whole world

3) It is easier and with the advancement in the internet technology, transactions can be closed quicker due to the ease in the transfer of information.

4) It reduces the unnecessary travel time, such that meetings can be held in separate offices and even different countries with the use of video calling applications.

5) With the use of Google maps and GPS (Global Positioning System), satellite images as well as coordinates can be retrieved for verification purposes.

6) Also Google maps aid in the location and direction of particular places not known to a Real Estate Practitioner, thereby saving time and resources.

7) The use of the internet reduces the cost of communication especially when the parties involved are in different states or countries.

8 ) You can transfer transaction files, forms and documents via the internet to ease and fasten the process of real estate transactions.

9) Networking is a very important aspect of succeeding in the Real Estate industry and the internet makes it very easy and aids people in connecting with each other through the social media platforms.

10) You can find relevant, educative and innovative Real Estate information and resource at ease via the internet to remain up to date and even ahead of your contemporaries.