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Tutorial 2:


For any business to strive one must be able to know who his/her potential clients, or otherwise target markets, are. In other to have a lead on this, one must be registered to numerous groups and memberships for networking.

The internet has made it very easy to join such groups or memberships and majority of them are free. Groups and memberships such as facebook, linkedin, twitter, google+, nairaland etc where one can connect to so many potential clients.

The trick in getting noticed despite the large number of subscribers is being active and consistent in your marketing strategy.

Though you have one product but it means one thing to a particular client and means something else to another client.
E.g. a piece of land may be to a client an opportunity to invest and recoup outright interest in the future or streams of income on a periodical basis, while to another, it may be an opportunity to own a home where he can dwell with his family. Therefore, one must study the market and know the variety of wants needed at particular times.

For instance, one doesn't go to a medium class earner, introducing him or her, to buy a property in Ikoyi or go to a manager in an oil company, introducing him or her, to let a mini flat in Ajegunle. One must know the variety of potential clients and also the particular product that would interest them.

Social networking sites give one the opportunity to know the variety of clients through the information about them and thereby delivering your marketing strategy effectively.