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As a Real Estate Professional, I have come across different clients with opinions on properties due to their upbringing and exposure. In addition, each individual client has a picture in mind which a real estate agent has to visualise or he/she would frustrate the client or even be frustrated. This is the reason questions such as:

Which areas would you prefer the property to be located?
What type of property and number of bedrooms do you have in mind?
What features would you want the property to have internal and externally?
What are the environmental requirements?
What budget do you have for such property?
Can you afford paying for multiple years?
etc. are asked.

These questions when answered properly can save time and avoid frustration for both the property seeker and real estate agent. Also since the Real Estate Agent knows the rate of properties in different locations, he/she can analyse the answers to the questions to determine if the property seeker’s preference is feasible and viable and the Agent can use it as a basis to give his/her client advice or propose other options.

Unfortunately, some clients make it difficult for agents thereby prolonging a property search which should take 2 days, at most, to weeks because they hold back information which the agent can use to easily search and find a property which the client should like. Likewise, some agents don’t ask these questions which will most likely result in the agent showing the client properties that are not within the client’s preference, thereby frustrating the client to seek help somewhere else.