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If you are reading this article it means you have just completed the tutorial on how to create a facebook page for your real estate business or you already have a facebook page and want to know how to effectively promote your real estate business through it.

Either way, welcome!

Let’s start by making sure everyone is on the same page.

First, you should uploaded a cover image and profile image of your company. Please note that these images should be of your company and not personal pictures. To do this, simply follow these steps:

    Click on the higher camera icon to upload the cover image Click on the lower camera icon to upload your profile image As soon as you are done with uploading your images, the next thing is to post updates. facebook update Engage your clients and Page visitors by posting updates in information that will benefit them and will make them refer to you when it comes to that aspect. For instance, though as a real estate agent you are not to be restricted to one location but it will put you at an advantage if you are known as the Real Estate King of Gbagada, Surulere, Ikeja or Yaba etc or you can even streamline it the more to the Real Estate King of flats in Gbagada, Surulere, Ikeja or Yaba etc. or Real Estate King of 3 bedroom flats in Gbagada, Surulere, Ikeja or Yaba etc. The more you focus on one aspect of the profession, the more you become a lord in that aspect and the more people will identify with you, as well as refer you when they are in need or know someone who is in need of such property. You should take into consideration that your facebook page is not for just uploading properties but rather information to educate clients and page visitors. It is a rule in social media that 80% of post should be on things that will interest the customer and 20% on product (property) display. When posting things that may interest customers or page visitors, try as much as possible to upload pictures relevant to the post as a way to attract them because posts without pictures do not engage facebook users compared to those that have pictures. Use yourself as an example, how many posts are you attracted to on the basis of having pictures or not (food for thought). Now that you have uploaded posts, you need to invite people to see these posts by clicking on the button beside message, which opens up a dropdown for to click on Invite Friends. Invite as many friends as possible, if you have many friends. Join Real Estate Groups: As a member of a group, especially open groups, you will be able to post things in the group as well as share things from your page to the group. To find facebook groups you simply need to type Real Estate in the search field at the top and click on the bottom search and join the ones you are interested in. It is advisable to join the groups that are dominated by those within your country. In this case, Nigeria. Another thing you can do is to create a group by clicking on the Create Group link located at the left side of your facebook page. Creating a group is similar to creating a page. The major differences between a page and a group is that you invite people to like a page, and it’s on their discretion, while you can add people to a group with or without their permission. Another thing is that when you post on a page, those who have liked your page may see them when they login to facebook but those in your group will get email notification whenever you post on the group page

We hope this has been useful to you and as time goes on we will continue updating you on tips to help improve your real estate practice.

If you have questions and want more information on how to use social media for your business, you can simply post a reply in our forum and you will be responded to according

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