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We are bringing to you the FIRST EVER REAL ESTATE FICTION SERIES. Through this series you will be exposed to a lot of things tenants and landlords go through with each other, as well as what real estate agents and practitioners go through trying to make a living and how all these affects you and I. All these will be brought to you through the eyes of OGA MARTINS and his BROUHAHA.

Special thanks to REALTY POINT LIMITED (The #SackYourLandlord people) A real estate development and consultant company with a huge passion for turning tenants into landlords, who have brought this series your way.

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Real Estate in Nigeria is booming in some parts of the country while others are not for properties that are either To Let (For Rent) or For Sale (To Buy).

States where Real Estate activities are high and which have high property value are (Starting from the highest): Lagos, AbujaRivers, Ogun etc. Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos has the highest property value in Nigeria, followed by Old Ikoyi.

As a result Property in Nigeria is ranked to have higher property value compared to properties of other countries and continents of the world.